Best Mosquito Killers: Zappers, Magnets, and Swatter Rackets

Sometimes, you want to take more aggressive measures to reducing mosquitoes than putting on a little mosquito repellent. We all want to keep mosquitoes out of our yard, but we also want to be sure that deck, patio, or playset doesn’t have stray mosquitoes biting your family or guests.

More than 100 products from 50 companies are available when it domes to magnets and killers, and each claims to be the perfect one for the job. This guide features the products which are safe, reliable, and effective killers of the mosquitoes and flies.

There are three main types of mosquito killers which are available in the market. Here is our comparison.

Quick Overview of Your Options:

  • Magnets:  Expensive but effective.  Can cover up to 1 acre.  Use sophisticated technology to attract and eliminate mosquitoes.
  • Rackets:  Inexpensive, but they only work when you are working too.  You swat mosquitoes like you are playing tennis.
  • Zappers:  The same bug zappers that have been around since the 80’s.  Cheaper than magnets, but cover less range. Also known as a mosquito trap.


Patriot Mosquito Magnet

Mosquito magnets are a bit more involved, but can work well on a patio or near a pool

These products are easily the most effective mosquito killers available in the market. The reason it is called mosquito magnet because it attracts mosquitos like a magnet. Generally, the mosquitos detect a human by the carbon dioxide we release during respiration. The magnet, on the same principle, emits carbon dioxide, along with heat and moisture.

What a magnet does is basically tricks the mosquito into believing that it is approaching a human.  When the mosquito gets near, the vacuum pump sucks the mosquito inside and the mosquito dies.  If you are looking to truly exterminate the mosquitoes in an area, it is a brilliant idea, and probably the best route if you have a space that absolutely needs to have mosquitoes controlled.

These mosquito magnets come in different models.

Patriot Mosquito Magnet

Find here. The reason the Patriot magnet is at the top of our list is its portability and affordability. As compared to others it is the smallest machines available in the market. It works by releasing C02, moisture, and heat to attract mosquitos. Once they get near, they are trapped. It works very silently and has no odor. The biggest benefit of Patriot magnet is that it can be used to kill other insects as well. It can cover an area of up to one acre. The disposal of the killed mosquitos is very easy, and you will never have to lay hands on their dead bodies.  Runs on propane.

Independence MM3200

This model works the on the same principle as Patriot does. It emits carbon dioxide, heat and moisture to attract the mosquitos. Once they are trapped inside a rigid net, they die. However, it has few features as compared to Patriot. It has a medium sized net which needs to be changed every 21 days. The benefit of Independence MM3200 is that it is cordless and runs on batteries giving an elegant look to your yard. It can withstand tough weather conditions.

A note about mosquito magnets

While mosquito magnets can be a great device for controlling mosquitoes in defined areas, their technology is still evolving.  We are hopeful that future models will have longer battery lives, and more smart features.  Our suggestion is to use them when you really need to get rid of mosquitoes in a defined space — when your kids are playing in the sandbox, or when you are throwing a dinner party on your patio.  But there is no replacement for controlling the mosquitoes in your yard through organic and fundamental means.


mosquito swatter racket

A mosquito swatter racket allows you to swing at mosquitoes, and zap them when you make contact.

They are shaped like tennis rackets, but they are not just ordinary swatters. These are powered by batteries and designed to give an electric shock whatever comes in contact with the paddle. It is made as an alternative to the sprays which may be hazardous to the environment. They come in various price ranges and can be used against all type bugs.

Swatter rackets have an advantage over the mosquito magnets of being affordable — you can usually find them for $30 or less. However, the racket will kill the mosquitoes, so if you are simply looking to repel them a racket might be overkill. Mosquito swatter rackets can also be useful for other bugs, such as flies or boxelder bugs — so they are often a multiple-use tool.  We have even heard of people using them on moths or wasps.  Following are the best swatters available in the market.

Koolatron Lentek Biteshield RZ02 Electronic Racket Zapper

It is a smaller sized swatter racket that comes with AA batteries. It has an on/off button used to activate the paddle while swatting. The paddle generates electric current and the mosquito dies. You might not hear a loud sound, but it doesn’t mean it has less power.

Zap-It Electric Bug Zapper (Recommended)

Find Here.  It is priced only at $19 and packs 3,000 volts of rechargeable energy. It contains a dual protective mesh to save you from an electric shock.  Field tests suggest that it works quite well, and for the relatively low price it is likely worth a try.  It has a light-weight plastic body which makes it easy to handle and use.

Stinger Bug Zapper Racket

Having a power of more than 3000 volts, stinger bug zapper has 20% larger surface area than ordinary rackets. It has an angled head which makes it very suitable for flat surfaces.


They work on the same principle as that of zapper rackets, but you don’t have to use them manually. They can be placed anywhere, attract mosquitos and are killed by electric current on the plate.  They also do a great job with flies, if that is a problem in your yard.

Bug zappers have the downside of giving off a loud “zap” sound every time a bug is killed, as they do their job with electrocution….. So think twice if you are looking for something to give you a peaceful dinner spot on your back patio!  However, if you are looking for something that can do the job and kill mosquitoes, gnats, and flies, the zapper has been around for decades and works pretty well.

Bug Zapper & Electric Indoor Insect Killer by LiBa

mosquito zapper

Bug zappers have been around for a while, and tend to work in smaller areas.

Find here.  This device uses a 365 nm wavelength of light to attract the bugs. This wavelength has been proven very successful for attracting the insects. It is the most powerful zapper available in the market with a power of 2800 volts.  It won’t do as much as the magnets above, but it works in a smaller area.

Sandalwood Electronic Bug Zapper/Insect Killer

Find here. It can be powered either by a solar panel or DC adapter. It can be used both in the indoors and outdoors. It can work up to 15 hours on a single charge.  They claim to cover 1/2 an acre.  We think the range is a little less, but still enough to cover a typical pool or patio.


All of these options – magnets, rackets, and zappers — are useful if you need to reduce the mosquito population but it is too late to get them at the larvae stage.  If you are able to nip them in the bud earlier, think about some of the preventive steps you can take to reduce the mosquito population.

Knowing how abundant mosquitoes can be, though, it might not hurt to use both tactics — get the larvae, and control the population when they are adults as well.  In your immediate environment, the goal is to reduce the mosquito population so that you can keep you and your family safe, so take whatever steps are necessary.

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