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About Us

Learn. Connect. Protect.

The Tick and Mosquito Project has been helping people learn how to control mosquitoes and ticks since 2000.  We are independent.  Our content is developed through studying the latest findings and news associated with ticks and mosquitoes, and learning about and testing techniques for controlling them.  We work with entomologists and arachnologists to periodically review our work and be sure we are representing the latest knowledge of mosquitoes, ticks, and how to control them.

As a U.S.-based staff, we rely on academic and research sources from the American mosquito and tick zones, such as the great work published by the University of Rhode Island TickEncounter Center, the University of Minnesota, UMass Amherst, Texas A&M, the Center for Disease Control, and many other sources.  Our goal is to make the latest findings available and digestible to the mass public, homeowners, nature lovers, and everyone else.

We periodically engage professionals and researchers in the tick, mosquito, and vector-borne illness fields to review our content for accuracy and to incorporate the latest research.  You will see citations at the bottom of many of our articles noting the recently-completed reviews.

Our mission is to help reduce damage caused by the world’s most dangerous creature, the mosquito, and an emerging public health threat, the tick.  We believe it is important to help people educate themselves on mosquitoes and ticks, share methods for controlling their populations and impacts, and ultimately protect our fellow humans against the serious effects of vector related diseases, not to mention make life a bit less annoying for those of us in tick and mosquito-prone areas.

The Tick and Mosquito Project is reader supported. When you purchase products through the links to retailers, we may earn money to support our work. At least 20% of any earnings we might generate through affiliate arrangements are devoted to nonprofit and civic activity focused on controlling mosquito and tick populations and associated diseases.

Staff – Who we Are

Paul Miller, Managing Editor.  Avid outdoorsman, science enthusiast, responsible for content structure and topics.
Delia Tegui, Writer.  Nature lover, responsible for providing well-written content.
Paul Johnson, Advisor.  Avid hiker, fisherman, hunter, and science geek.  Responsible for strategic direction, outreach, and branding.
Muhammad Mazhural, Technology and PR.  Web expert, responsible for website operations and traffic management.

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For questions, comments, or inquiries, please reach out to our Managing Editor at  We look forward to hearing from you.