Best Mosquito Sprays and Repellents

Picking up a bite from mosquito and getting the itch and rash that goes with it instantly is one of the most annoying things in summer. Shielding yourself from the bites of mosquitos and mites is important. Mosquitos have been involved for centuries in spreading diseases like malaria, dengue, and chikungunya.

When you plan outdoor activities, know that mosquitoes have an instinctive ability to locate human skin, from even several yards away.  You aren’t going to avoid them, so you need protection from them. Mosquito repellents do not kill the mosquitos, but they have certain chemicals which cause irritation. Different types of repellents are available in the market with natural oils and synthetic chemicals which are insect repellent naturally.


Around 20,000 repellents are available in the market, and many of them don’t work. To find the best products, you should know that the Environmental Protection Agency must register all the insect repellents. The agency identifies the products which work as insect repellents.

Following are the best available mosquito repellents in the market.

  • Ben’s 30% Spray
    Ben's Mosquito Wipes

    Ben’s comes in both spray and wipe form.

The active ingredient in this spray (and several on this list) is DEET. People believe that since DEET is synthetic, therefore it is harmful to the skin. However, this is not the case. It is viewed by the scientific community as generally safe and very much effective to keep the mosquitos away. Put this this way — it is probably much safer than contracting West Nile or Zika.  Ben’s contains 30% DEET as an active ingredient and provides long lasting operation without forming a film on
the skin.  Ben’s is also available in wipes, something that can be convenient if you want to target exposed skin without getting the rest of your clothing smelling like mosquito repellent.

  • Bull Frog Mosquito Coast Continuous Spray Sunblock With Insect Repellent

The spirit behind this repellent is incredible. Combining the two necessities of the summer season in a single bottle is worth applauding. This formula works as a sunscreen and a mosquito repellent at the same time. The SPF 30 in this spray is an ingredient that will protect you against the sunburn. It is less waxy than the usual sunscreen, but it doesn’t dry your skin. In the evening, it works as a perfect mosquito repellent and has an action of more than 8 hours.

  • Off Deep Woods Dry
deep woods off

Deep Woods Off! is the most popular label for mosquito repellent.

It is simply the best and most popular common mosquito repellent available in the market. After spraying on the skin, it dries off immediately and doesn’t leave any film on the skin. As a result, it is preferred by a large number of people. The main ingredient in Off Deep Woods Dry is DEET which is a synthetic compound. It provides protection for at least 8 hours.  Off! makes many different products under their label, but Deep Woods Off Dry is the one we recommend for general use.

  • Repel Lemon-Eucalyptus Insect Repellent Spray

Lemon Eucalyptus Oil is obtained from Eucalyptus plant. It is one of the naturally known insect repellents. This spray contains 30% lemon eucalyptus oil as the main ingredient. It protects against the mosquitos for more than 6 hours. It may even protect against the mosquitos which are possible for spreading Nile Virus.

  • Jersey Kids All Natural Bug Spray

The chief ingredient in this spray is eucalyptus oil. It is a distilled oil obtained from the leaves of Eucalyptus plant. Despite being commonly used as a repellent, eucalyptus oil also used as an antiseptic. This spray provides protection against the mosquitos for more than 6 hours.  It has a strong, catchy odor that keeps a mosquito from biting.

  • The Honest Co. Insect Repellent
    honest mosquito spray

    Honest makes a green bug spray worth trying.

For years, citronella candles have been used as an effective way of keeping the mosquitos away. The main ingredient in the candle is citronella oil which is the chief principle in this spray too. It provides protection from the mosquitos for more than 6 hours. It has a sweet scent and doesn’t form a film on the skin when sprayed.

  • Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus Picaridin Towelettes

These towelettes are a bit larger than the face wipes which is drenched in a liquid solution. The chief ingredient is picaridin which is a powerful insect repellent. The residue dries off quickly and doesn’t leave a film on the skin.

  • Sawyer Controlled-Release Repellent Lotion

This lotion reduces the rate of DEET evaporation by 67% and protects you for 11 straight hours. It forms a non-greasy, thin film on the skin and stays intact even with intense perspiration. It is effective against all the mosquitos including the ones which spread Nile virus. This lotion is EDA proved.

  • Natrapel 12 Hour

The main ingredient in Natrapel 12-hour is picaridin. It gives a strong protection from the mosquitos for 12 hours. It doesn’t cause any irritation on the skin. It doesn’t form a thin film when applied to the skin. It can also be sprayed on the clothes, and it would be enough to keep the mosquitos away. This spray is EDA approved.

  • Sawyer Jungle Juice (for extreme cases)
    Jungle Juice Mosquito Spray

    We like Jungle Juice for more extreme situations.

Let’s say you are about to hike through an area known for West Nile or Zika, or embarking on a week-long Northwoods canoe trip at the height of mosquito season.  You might want something in your pack for those evenings when mosquitoes are abnormally bad.  Jungle Juice is 98% DEET — yes, pretty much pure DEET.  It is safe on skin and clothing, and might be worth having along for those times when the other products just don’t seem to be winning the mosquito battle.

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