The Tick and Mosquito Project


  • Mosquito Habitat

    Mosquitoes are resilient.  Thy can survive in almost any environment except extreme wint

  • 5 Incredible Places to Visit (with bug spray)

    There are so many great places to see on this earth – incredible sights, interesting peo

  • Mosquito Spread Diseases

    Mosquitoes are little insects notorious for spreading several life-threatening diseases o

  • Where West Nile Virus Affects Humans (Map)

    West Nile Virus has been found in humans across the country, but lately its incidence has

  • Where Zika-Carrying Mosquitoes Live (Map)

    This map by the CDC outlines where the known or possible Zika-carrying mosquitoes live rig

  • Mosquito Range in the US

    Mosquitoes have flourished on our planet for millions of years. The little flying nuisance