Tick Repellents

What are ticks?

Like mosquitos, ticks are nasty little creatures you don’t want around. Ticks are insects which range in size from as small as the tip of a needle to as large as an eraser and range in color from shades of red to brownish-black. They feed on blood and become larger and larger as they suck it up. Surprisingly, they can even eventually grow as large as a marble. Latching on to a host for several days or weeks, they eventually become engorged and turn a greenish-blue hue. After finishing feeding, they fall off the host and start breeding. They then lay eggs, and the cycle continues.

Types of Ticks

There are many different types of ticks. The most well-known are Deer ticks and Wood ticks. Deer ticks are associated with the Lyme disease, but Wood ticks are not. The greatest advantage they have is tiny size.  You just won’t see them.

Areas to look for Ticks

Many ticks are found in lush forests, tall grass, bushes, and even in your yard. Ticks jump at the chance to hide in spots that are damp and out of direct sunlight. Keeping a good distance from these kinds of environs can help you avoid picking up a tick. Many additionally suggest putting cedar wood chips down around your yard in order for you to keep it tick free as cedar keeps ticks away. Another unusual approach to keeping ticks out of your yard is to have chickens, as they feast on the tiny critters!

There are those who seem to be more powerless than others in avoiding ticks, much the same as those seem to easily attract mosquitoes. Some people go hiking or camping in forests and never catch a tick, yet others simply go out in their yards and discover one has slipped inside their clothes. It has been suggested this is because of our individual aromas. In cases where you are the kind of person who sweats more profusely, or whose sweat is more alkaline, or if you breathe out a higher amount of   carbon dioxide, you may pull in more ticks. A few people also just emit more attractive chemicals than others people do, and this makes them more of a tick magnet. Other important components of attraction can be; your age, sex, where you may be on your menstrual cycle, and the kinds of bacteria on your skin.

deetUse DEET

Of all the different anti-tick agents available, DEET appears to be the most effective at repelling ticks. There is great wealth of information that shows DEET kills ticks and this was confirmed by Durland Fish, who teaches disease transmission at the Yale School of Public Health. Different anti-agents, including those that contain picaridin, are simply not nearly as able to fight off these parasites nearly as well as DEET!

Use Permethrin

DEET may work at keeping ticks away, but it is still considered to be a second line of defense. Permethrin is considered the first line of defense against ticks. It is a very powerful chemical and kills the ticks almost instantly. You are advised to wear tick-repellent treated with permethrin, which kills ticks after between five and thirty seconds of exposure. Permethrin dries into your garments, and on the off chance that you buy treated clothing or prepare them at home, it can remain effective after up to 70 washes.

How to make a tick repellent spray for clothes?

cedar wood oilThis is one of an effective method of treating ticks. You can either spray this solution on your feet and legs or directly onto your clothes. For use on your skin, you can cut a number of essential oils in half. You can count on the solution described below to  repel ticks.

  • Spray bottle
  • 25ml of water
  • 12 drops of rose geranium oil
  • 6 drops of cedar wood oil
  • 4 drops of lavender oil
  • 4 drops of lemongrass oil

Of these ingredients, Geranium and Cedar Wood oils are the most vital. You can skip the others if you don’t have ready access to them.


  1. Take a spray bottle and fill it with 25 ml of water. If you have a smaller bottle, cut the amount of the ingredients in half.
  2. After adding water, add the mentioned drops of oil one after another. Don’t forget to shake the bottle quite well, as the spray won’t work effectively if not mixed properly. After mixing allow it will be ready to use.
  3. Before using, shake the bottle quite well and spray it on your clothes, shoes or direction on your skin.
  4. Surprisingly or not, the scent of these oils will keep the ticks away.

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